S.O.A.R. – Students Overcoming Academic Restrictions vision is to academically equip students with learning differences to achieve success in the classroom and to assist them in reaching their fullest potential in Christ. SOAR can provide individual or small group support monitoring student’s progress, accommodations with the curriculum/materials, aid with student organizational skills and more. Eligible students must obtain a current Full and Individual Evaluation (F.I.E) on file in our school office.


• Accommodation of learning strategies
• Skills for students’ need for self-advocacy
• Individual or small group support
• Aid in student organizational skills
• Monitoring of student’s progress
• Confer with teachers and parents
• Oral assistance with reading tests
• Extended time for tests and quizes
• Collaborate with teachers and parents


• Soar teachers come into the classroom to provide support
• Co-teaching offered


• Open communication with students & their families
• Provides a direct link to each student and teacher through constant communication

S.O.A.R. Staff


Kim Nelson

While growing up in a public school in Ohio, Mrs. Nelson noticed students who would leave the classroom throughout the day to get extra academic help.  These students were often ones who didn’t like being different than their peers nor seem to have many friends.  God put these precious students on her heart because she knew that they were created in His image, they had a specific purpose for their life, and they were greatly loved by the creator.

God called her to Evangel University in Springfield, MO, where she received her degree in Elementary and Special Education.  She also attended Columbia College, in Columbia, SC and graduated with a Master of Education Degree. Mrs. Nelson has taught in various Special Education settings in thirteen different schools all over the U.S., and her calling still remains:  There is no greater privilege then to teach students with special needs because they are one of God’s most beautiful creations.

Cheryl Smith

Mrs. Smith is coming from a Christian background of 3 years in special education with a Bachelors in Special Education.  She is currently working on her Masters in Special Education and possibly starting another Masters in Speech Disorders. 

What got Mrs. Smith into education?  She has always wanted to be an elementary teacher but when her 4 kids were at the age of 2, they started to show signs of various special needs such as ADHD, ADD, Autism, and Speech Disorders.  She knew that she wanted to help other kids learn in a way that they learn best. 

After working with her kids and their therapist, God put a calling on her heart to pursue special education as a teacher, which prompted her to complete her Bachelor’s Degree. 

To this day Mrs. Smith is continuing to know more about special needs and strategies to help students like her own, to thrive and be successful. 

Contact Us

For more information about S.O.A.R., please e-mail SOAR@castlehills.school or call 210.878.1000