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Dear Eagle Families,

Welcome to Online Enrollment and Registration for the 2022-2023 school year. Follow these instructions to complete the enrollment and registration for your student. Protected online enrollment and the discounted registration fee for returning students is $100 per student between January 11-February 15. 

Open enrollment to the public begins on February 15th. Your student’s spot is guaranteed if you register by the deadline; however, your spot is not guaranteed if you do not register by the deadline. Beginning February 15th, the registration fee is $150 per student. We encourage you to enroll early as many of our classes will fill up quickly.

GOOD NEWS! You do not need to select a FACTS tuition payment plan. We are rolling your current payment plan over to the 2022-2023 school year. The rollover of the plan will copy the current plan type with the current payment date and copy over the current banking or credit card information. If you want to make a change to your current tuition payment plan for the upcoming school year, please contact Wendy Gilliland in the Finance Office at or by phone at 210-878-1043.

Please note: Financial aid applications Do Not roll over each year and need to be completed each year by Feb. 15th.

What do I need to complete online enrollment?

  • Computer or mobile device with internet access
  • Access to your FACTS Family Portal account
    • If you have any issues accessing your Family Portal account, please contact Nicole MacMillan at 210-878-1060 or Susan Covarrubia at 210-878-1001.


How do I enroll my K-11 student(s)?

Please read the instructions carefully and read all documents before signing them.

  1. Log into your FACTS Family Portal account.
    • Each family has one parent designated as the Enrollment Responsible parent. If you do not see your child’s enrollment under your account, check under the account of your spouse. If you are unsure or you would like us to change the designation of who is listed as Enrollment Responsible, please call the Admissions Office at 210-878-1001.
  2. Once in the Family Portal, click menu (3 parallel lines), located at the top left of your screen.
  3. Next, click Family, then Enrollment/Reenrollment.
  4. The Online Enrollment system will display a Start Enrollment for each student. Click on Start Enrollment, and you are ready to begin! You will be required to pay the $150 registration fee ($100 before February 15th) before you submit the enrollment packet.

Do you have a sibling you would also like to enroll at Castle Hills? If so, please call the Admissions Office at 210-878-1001.

The online process should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Please pay special attention to the Instructions & Resources page which contains an Enrollment Checklist that lists additional supplemental enrollment forms that must be reviewed and/or submitted.


Upload and Submit the following with your child’s enrollment:

  • Up-to-date Immunization Records
  • New Court Documentation, if applicable
  • Any updated Educational Evaluations completed within the previous 12 months, if applicable


Financial Aid

  • Financial aid does not roll over each year and a new financial aid application must be completed each year by February 15th.
  • Families applying for financial aid must submit the financial aid application to the Finance Office for the student’s enrollment to be complete.

I am grateful for your family,

Susan Covarrubia
Director of Admissions