An introduction to our
online school
from our superintendent
michael pinkston
STEP 1 – Request Information
Please complete the inquiry form and our Admissions Director will be contacting you shortly.
STEP 2 – Application
Ready to Apply? Then please complete the Admissions Application and we will coordinate with you for a family interview.
STEP 3 – Diagnostic & Course Selection
Completing the Online School onboarding process including the diagnostic test and course selection will be provided after Steps 1 & 2.

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We wholeheartedly recommend the CHS Online School which offers us a higher academic standard coupled with Christ-centered values, all in a flexible program.

– Blake | CHS Online School Parent

the castle hills online school difference

1. All year-round open enrollment through our CHS partnership with Renewanation, the “best-in-class” Christian curriculum and online school learning platform.

2. A unique “Synchronous (Live) Instruction” model with dynamic classroom interaction with teacher and peers.

3. Degreed and certified Christian teachers with an average years of experience exceeding 20 years.

4. Dual accreditation through ACTS (Association of Christian Teachers and Schools) and Middle States (regional accrediting body).

5. Biblical worldview immersion in every course.

6. All live instruction classes are recorded and available when students are absent or sick.

7. Access to our Parent Online Portal to check grades and student progress.

8. Online tutoring available with online classroom teachers.

9. Accommodations provided for students with documented learning differences.

10. Excellent Christian textbooks (BJU Press) and a scope and sequence in learning similar to CHS On-Campus instruction.

1. CHS Online School Director available for personal support, coaching and advice to students and parents.

2. CHS Online School “Parent and Student Success Workshops” focused on online learning strategies, support services, and tips for thriving in online school to ensure the highest potential for success for each student.

3. Online School Parent Newsletter provides detailed information and announcements through one communication source regarding information and opportunities available to online students and families.

4. Official grades are maintained on a CHS transcript towards Castle Hills diploma and graduation.

5. Laptop rental with technology support available to students. (See tuition and fees.)

6. Recognition in our CHS Online School Honor Roll and Awards.

7. Opportunities to participate virtually in school chapels, school assemblies, and special programs.

8. Weekly on-campus library hours available to students.

9. Availability of private music lessons in our private Music Conservatory.

10. Online students are included in our annual yearbook available for purchase.

11. CHS school-wide fun family events and activities such as the PTF Fall Festival and Color-Thon, parenting sessions, and PTF membership.

12. Guidance counselor services available.


  • Participation in after school clubs such as STEM Club, Art Starz Classes and Music Lessons.
  • Opportunity for weekly online Spanish classes and Library resources.
  • Virtual Chapels will be sent weekly.
  • Elementary Students (K–6) may participate in our SOA Team Sports League.
  • Access to IXL online math skills program and Accelerated Reader program.
    Note: History and Science classes in Kindergarten to 2nd Grade are prerecorded lessons with support from the online classroom teacher. Academic support from the teacher is readily available for these classes.
  • Online students are invited to participate in activities such as Book Fairs, Character Parade, Speech Meet, Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast, Texas Hall of Heroes, Wax Museum and Concerts.


  • Participation in CHS team sports (schedule permitting).


  • Students enrolled in CHS Online School with at least five core academic classes may participate in CHS fine arts classes and extracurricular activities if they meet the required rehearsal or practice guidelines set by the extracurricular organization. High school activities are governed by TAPPS, TPSMEA or another organization, those guidelines will be followed. All Fine Arts (electives) will require in-person daily class participation.
  • Students may participate in annual fall spiritual retreat, mission trips and SERVE Day community service opportunities.
  • Students have access to CHS guidance counseling, college prep courses, Career Direct assessment, ASVAB career assessment, PSAT, and the other college guidance services.
  • Students may participate in a number of on campus clubs and organizations including Leadership Academy, National Honor Society, STEM Club and class/grade level events (schedule permitting).

With online learning, parents commit to the responsibility of being an integral part of the student’s learning environment. Parents are vitally important to student learning and academic success through online school. The oversight and support of parents is necessary for both achievement and accountability for a successful online learning experience.

As a parent, you also have the full support of your student’s online school, as well as the support of our CHS Online School Director. Parent involvement may differ according to the grade level of your student, as well as the independence and maturity of your student. A parent’s commitment to providing online school learning support includes the following:

1. Parents must be engaged on a daily basis in the following ways.

  • Ensuring the student is on task and following a daily schedule. Address off-task behavior.
  • Seek support from teachers when a student does not understand an assignment or lesson. Pursue advice from the CHS Online School Director for helping the student get the most out of their learning experience and achieving success.
  • Work together to prepare weekly goals and daily objectives to stay on track in classes. Start the day with prayer and provide encouraging support throughout the day.
  • If the student gets off track, reset the goals, make adjustments in the student’s schedule to catch-up and cheer them on along the way.

2. Support CHS and the Online School Policies and Procedures including, but not limited to, the following areas: communication, academic standards, discipline, healthcare, on-campus dress code (if applicable) and personal conduct at school events.

3. Acknowledge and support of The Christian School at Castle Hills Foundations Document, which includes the CHS mission, vision, values, philosophy of education, and statement of faith.

4. Partner and actively support the teachers and school personnel in all aspects of your student’s academic and behavioral performance by maintaining positive open communication. Sign the CHS Student Code of Conduct (Grades 5-12) and Technology Acceptable Use Policy Statement (Grades K-12).

5. Monitor and hold students accountable to weekly course schedule, completion of daily assignments and assessments.

6. Assure the integrity of test scores by monitoring test taking, not making answer keys available to students, or allowing students to use outside resources when completing assessments. Matthew 15:19 (ESV)

7. Provide a safe and quiet learning environment in which study habits are enforced daily.

8. Understand and consent (unless otherwise requested) to the publication of photographs and audio video in school publications and media coverage (yearbook, newsletter, website development, social media, admissions materials, media coverage at sports or other school related events.

In partnership with CHS and iLumenEd Academy (ILA), we are committed to each student’s academic growth and achievement. iLumenEd’s online learning requires a level of responsibility from the students that can help each one be successful, which includes:

  • Being prepared and ready to learn before beginning the online coursework.
  • Staying on track by completing the assigned work every day.
  • Taking notes (written or electronic) while listening to the instructional activities.
  • Comprehending online reading selections.
  • Composing thoughtful, well-written responses with minimal spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Asking for help when there are questions or misunderstandings.
  • Studying before assessments.
  • Tracking progress and grades.
  • Treating others with respect in the course, classroom, or labs with respect.
  • Always uphold academic honesty and integrity.
  • Student will not use unauthorized materials and/or resources throughout the coursework.
technical requirements
To access our Online School program, you will need a computer with an internet connection and some required hardware installed.
Internet Service
Students must have an Internet connection with a minimum of 5 mbps download speed and a minimum 1 mbps upload speed.
Check your internet speed HERE>>
It is recommended that students have a headset with microphone.

Printer & Scanner
Students must have access to a document scanner and printer or utilize a phone or tablet to take and upload pictures of assignments.
Recommended Browser
The Google Chrome browser is strongly recommended. Download the latest Chrome browser HERE>>
Hardware & Operating System
Operating System: Windows 7+ (Windows 10+ recommended, not Windows 10S)
CPU: 1.4GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor (or equivalent)
RAM: 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended)

Operating System: macOS 10.11+ (macOS 10.14+ recommended)
CPU: 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo or Faster processor
RAM: 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended)

Chrome OS (Chromebook)
Operating System: Chrome OS current stable release (Currently 83)
CPU: 1.1GHz Intel® Celeron® or faster processor (or equivalent)
RAM: 2GB of RAM (4GB+ recommended)
Other Concerns
1. Pop-up Blockers can affect your ability to access our Online School platform. 2. Internet Security Products, such as Norton, can inhibit your online experience. 3. Software firewalls installed on your device often will cause accessibility problems. 4. Firewalls must have the following ports open to both TCP and UDP traffic: 80, 8080 and 443.

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