Intermediate (5th & 6th)

Unique to the San Antonio area, our Intermediate School (5th and 6th grades) provides a great stepping stone for that sometimes-difficult transition from elementary to middle school. Located in a separate area of the building, the Intermediate School features lockers, class changes and electives, which is similar to the Middle School. The difference is the Intermediate students receive more supervision and are taken by the hand much more than those enrolled in our Middle School. For example, teachers walk the Intermediate School students to their elective classes when those classes are in a different part of the building. Parents attest that this transitional time of Intermediate School better prepared their student for the rigors of Middle School.

With almost 25 years of educational and administrative experience – 14 of which have been at Castle Hills – Mrs. Lisa Jacobs leads the Intermediate School with excellence. All curriculum is taught from a decidedly Christian worldview by teachers who are committed believers. Like every Castle Hills student, the Intermediate School students participate in weekly chapel. Each day, our Intermediate School students start out in a home room, and then attend 8 blocks of classes. Some of these blocks include reading and spelling, science, grade-appropriate math, English and composition, as well as a variety of electives. Students may choose between band, choir, art or computers to fill their elective requirements.

Our Intermediate School is also unique in that it offers many extracurricular activities, including athletic teams. These competitive teams teach the fundamentals of the sport as well as give the students the chance to compete in local tournaments. For more information on athletics, please visit our Athletics Page. Students may also participate in field trips and optional ACSI activities.

To take a tour of our Intermediate School or for more information, contact Director of Admissions Susan Covarrubia at today!

Principal Welcome Letter

Welcome from Mrs. Lisa Jacobs

Elementary & Intermediate School Principal

Thank you for your interest in Castle Hills Elementary and Intermediate Schools! Castle Hills is a loving community of teachers and staff that work in partnership with families to lead children to know Christ and make Him known. My years of experience in Christian education total 24 – and 14 of these years have been joyfully spent at Castle Hills!

Our Christ-honoring faculty set our school apart from the rest! We have a high-quality, professional teaching staff that is both degreed and credentialed. They love the Lord and are called to teach students from a Christian worldview. These wonderful role models don’t merely educate minds, they shape hearts to know and serve Jesus Christ. Weekly chapels and guest speakers reinforce the spiritual lessons that are daily taught in the classroom.

Castle Hills is divided into K- 4th grade (Elementary) and 5th- 6th grade (Intermediate). The Elementary School classrooms are self-contained and follow a traditional classroom structure, while also incorporating special classes in art, computer, music, library and P.E. The Intermediate School’s purpose is to prepare students for Middle School and follows a closely-supervised, 8-period schedule. One of the highlights of both schools include our Bible curriculum, Building on the Rock (taught in 1st through 6th grades), which is written for the sole purpose of assisting students to develop a biblical worldview. All other content areas in both schools are taught through the lens of Scripture. We have selected Christian publishers for our textbooks primarily from Bob Jones University Press, as well as some Abeka in our lower grades. Reading in our lower grades is launched with a strong phonics-based program. Our newest initiative, the Accelerated Reader program, has stirred up reading excitement as students earn incentives for going above and beyond. Finally, all students utilize tablets in the classrooms and enjoy weekly computer lab lessons learning the latest software.

Our test results prove that a Castle Hills education works. Castle Hills’ students typically score in the high average to above average range on the TerraNova3 standardized test given each spring. Beyond the classroom’s four walls, our students enjoy participating in field trip and assemblies, and each classroom participates in annual community outreach activities.

Selecting a school for your student is a very important decision. Great sacrifice is made by parents as they make this commitment. We are honored that you would consider joining the Castle Hills family, and we invite you to tour the school to experience first-hand how a Castle Hills education can make an eternal impact in your child’s life.

In His Service,

Lisa Jacobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Intermediate School

  1.   Are parents required to be a Christian in order for their child to attend The Christian School at Castle Hills?

At least one parent must be a Christian. We teach and conduct our school from a distinctively evangelistic, Christian point-of-view. We ask parents to read our Statement of Faith and to sign it indicating support for the fact that those doctrines will be taught.

  1. Is Castle Hills accredited?

Castle Hills is accredited through ACSI, recognized by the Texas Education Agency via TEPSAC (Texas Private School Accreditation Commission). Students graduate with a full transcript accepted at all colleges and universities.

  1. What age must students be to begin Kindergarten?

Preferably, children are 5 before school starts. We use a developmental readiness screening tool to assist in admissions decisions. 

  1. What curriculum is used?

Castle Hills follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills benchmarks with some exceptions in science and history in the elementary and intermediate grades. Curriculum guides are monitored and updated yearly. Textbooks and resources are then chosen that will best match the objectives of a given grade level or course. A variety of publishers and resources are used, including Positive Action for Christ, Summit Ministries-Building on the Rock, Abeka, Bob Jones University Press, Sadlier Oxford, Prentice Hall. In all classes, all subjects are taught through the lens of Scripture for the purpose of assisting the students to develop a Biblical worldview.

  1. What are the school hours?

The Intermediate School, 5th and 6th grade classes, start at 7:55 a.m. and end at 3:25 p.m.

  1. Do students participate in community service?  

The Intermediate School completes annual community outreach projects, such as Our Daily Bread Ministry, playground clean up, and Coin Wars to raise money for different projects.

  1. Do students undergo STAAR testing?

While Castle Hills does not utilize STAAR testing, we do conduct the Terra Nova test from McGraw Hill and InView Abilities Test.  The results are used to evaluate our teaching and to provide parents an academic score to monitor student growth. No instructional time is used to “teach to the test.”

  1. Are uniforms required?

Yes. Castle Hills does require uniforms. Guidelines are in our Parent/Student Handbook. Uniforms can be purchased at Dennis Uniform Company (located on 431 Isom Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78216). Click Here for the Dennis Uniform Company website.

  1. Is there a hot lunch available?

Effective on May 30, 2018, lunches will be provided by A Matter of Taste Catering. The goal of “AMOT” is to encourage children to eat well balanced meals by offering child-friendly foods that are appetizing and nutritious. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, foods that are baked, not fried, and serve age appropriate portion sizes will be provided for a lunch fee. Prices vary according to grade level. For more info, go to the AMOT website Here.

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  1. Is there a bus system?

Castle Hills does not have a bus system for transportation of students to and from school; however, we do have busses and shuttles that are used for field trips and school activities.

  1. What is Castle Hills’ student to teacher ratio?

The ratio for K-6 students to teachers is 16:1.  As grade levels advance, classes become larger. Even still, no class enrollment exceeds 22 students, unless an aide is available to assist the teacher.

  1. Does Castle Hills offer before or after school care?

After school care is offered for students in K-6th grade.  After school care billing is separate from tuition. Morning care opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m.

  1. What extra-curricular activities are offered for the Elementary and Intermediate School students?

Students are invited to participate in the following ACSI student activities: Art Festival, Young Authors and Illustrators, Math Olympics, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, and Speech Meet. Intermediate students may also participate in several competitive sports.

  1. What doctrine is taught?

Please refer to our Mission/Vision page to review our core beliefs.