Staff Covenant

I believe that a call to serve on the staff of The Christian School at Castle Hills is a call from God, and as such should not be accepted lightly or thoughtlessly, but earnestly and prayerfully, and that this position carries with it authority, responsibility and privileges. Thus to help develop and maintain the highest possible standards of administrative and teaching efficiency, I cheerfully and wholeheartedly subscribe to and enter into the following covenant:


  1. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and have received Him as my personal Savior, and desire Him to be the Lord of my Life.
  2. Realizing my responsibility both to God and to the students, I pledge myself to a disciplined devotional life, seeking timedaily for prayer and Bible study. I also pledge myself to holy living, maintaining a consistent Christian testimony, avoiding all appearance of evil, praying for those qualities of chastity and virtue which will make my life the best possible influence upon those I lead and which magnify the Lord.
  3. As a Christian leader, I will seek every opportunity, in partnership with the family, to lead each unsaved student to Christand to help those who are saved to grow in grace and understanding of God’s Word. I will diligently lead students to use and time, talent, and treasure.
  4. Realizing my responsibility, and the witness and example I am to my students, their parents, and my fellow workers, I will be regular in attendance at a Christ centered, biblically founded church. If for any reason my attendance becomes irregular,or I anticipate changing my membership or attendance to another church, I will bring this to the attention of the Superintendent. I realize that my contract is dependent in part on my commitment to a local church.
  5. I subscribe to the above standards and to the school’s Statement of Faith, and will earnestly seek to live out these beliefs and standards for Christian life.